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  • Preaching that Changes Lives (Reprint Edition)


    Jesus spoke of the urgent need for his listeners to put his words into practice. Every text of Scripture and every biblical sermon demands a response. This book is designed to aid the preachers of God’s word to always keep this in view. Many books describe the general process of communicating the meaning of the truth of Scripture, but in this book Mike Fabarez persuasively contends that there is much more which can be done by today’s biblical preachers to study, pray, and proclaim those truths in a manner that brings about the impact that God intends his word to have. This practical and informative book helps to fill the void in many homiletical textbooks, which often fail to put the necessary emphasis on how accurate and Christ-honoring application of the Bible can be achieved.

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  • Estudio Biblico Simplificado Para Ninos


    Este Estudio de la Biblia es un sistema simplificado para enseñar a los niños los temas básicos de cada uno de los sesenta y seis libros de la Biblia. Utiliza explicaciones simples, enseñanza que provoca preguntas, y asignaciones directas de dibujos para integrar una visión general del contenido bíblico en sus corazones y mentes.

    Este plan de estudios está diseñado para niños de cinco a once años. Hay sesenta y seis lecciones, una para cada libro de la Biblia. Al hacer dos lecciones cada semana, veinte minutos cada lección, su hijo puede examinar toda la Biblia en un año escolar.

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  • Companeros


    Compañeros, Cada Uno Discípula a Uno (Partners 1on1 Discipleship) es un programa de crecimiento espiritual diseñado para creyentes nuevos o de largo tiempo que toman en serio su crecimiento en la fe. Este programa repasa los temas fundamentales de la fe cristiana. Está diseñado para ayudarle a aprender cómo vivir una vida cristiana efectiva, agradable a Dios y de fruto espiritual. El formato es un programa de diez capítulos que se puede completar en aproximadamente 14 semanas. Una vez que haya pasado por este programa usted esta preparado para enseñarlo a otra persona. También disponible en ingles, árabe y rumano.

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  • Why the Bible?


    The Bible claims to be a book that records the words and thoughts of God himself. That is a big claim. If that claim is true, it certainly explains why so many enthusiastically read its stories, religiously memorize its verses, and passionately proclaim its message. But if that assertion is not true, then scores of people have been profoundly misled, and perhaps should begin looking for divine wisdom elsewhere. In Why the Bible? Mike Fabarez explores the claim that the Bible is God’s communication to mankind, and seeks to concisely answer the question of why millions of people through the centuries have put so much stock in this ancient book. Dr. Fabarez then goes on to provide practical direction for those who say they embrace the Bible’s divine origins.

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  • Bible Survey For Kids: Ages 5 & Up


    Bible Survey for Kids is a simplified system for teaching children the basic themes of each of the sixty-six books of the Bible. It utilizes simple explanations, thought provoking questions, and directed drawing assignments to embed an overview of biblical content on children’s hearts and minds.

    This curriculum is designed for children ages 5 to 11. There are 66 lessons, one for each book of the Bible. By doing two lessons per week, 20 minutes per lesson, your child can survey the whole Bible in one school year.

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  • Resolved to Follow Christ


    Vows, promises, pledges, commitments and resolves have played an important and enduring role in God’s economy. Men and women in the Bible and throughout church history have made good use of resolute statements and prayers, which God’s Spirit has capitalized on to change lives, influence the world and propagate the gospel.

    In Resolved to Follow Christ, Mike Fabarez provides us with a year’s worth of weekly resolutions preceded by brief biblical reflections that will challenge your heart, engage your mind, and prompt your will.

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  • Preaching That Changes Lives


    Certainly there are many books about preaching on the market today, but no author directs his attention to the clear message of changing lives more than Michael Fabarez.

    Everything a pastor does must be done with the perspective of changing lives. When a pastor studies, it should be with the anticipation of changing lives. When he is looking for the right illustration, it must be through the lens of changing lives. When he sets forth the spiritual direction for the church, he must have the scope of changing lives in his focus.

    All other books dissect the essentials of pastoral ministry, but “Preaching That Changes Lives” takes it one step further!

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  • Beyond Bible Basics


    Beyond Bible Basics was created to help parents, teachers, and youth leaders help prepare teens for the Christian life. This curriculum teaches teens the fundamentals of the Christian life as taught in Scripture.

    There are thirty-three chapters spanning ten sections in Beyond Bible Basics. Your teen completes one chapter per week using one of the teaching methods described below:

    1. You can work through the chapter with your teen during the week for approximately 15 minutes a day.
    2. As a self-directed study, your teen works through the chapter and you review the chapter at the end of the week with your teen.
    3. If you have a mentor/student program in your youth group, a youth group leader can shepherd your teen.

    Each section deals with a different aspect of the Christian life. There is verse memorization that your teen would recite each time they do a chapter in that section. There are questions to answer and verses to look up and comment on regarding the topic they are studying.

    Each section exhorts your teen to apply what they are learning.  As your teen progresses through Beyond Bible Basics, they are taught how to own their faith and we trust that in one school year, they will have the necessary tools to be prepared for the Christian life.

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  • Partners 1 on 1 Discipleship


    Partners is a 1 on 1 Spiritual growth program designed for new or longtime believers who are serious about maturing in their faith. This program overviews the fundamental issues of the Christian Faith. It is designed to help you learn how to live an effective, pleasing Christian life.

    The format is a ten chapter program which can be completed in approximately 14 weeks. After you have gone through, this program prepares you to teach what you have been taught to someone else.

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  • Exploring the Gospel


    Whether you’ve grown up in church and heard countless sermons, or would have to admit you really don’t know much about Christianity, there should come a point in every person’s life when it’s time to sit down and investigate what the Bible really says about being right with God. Exploring the Gospel is your step-by-step guide to carefully examining the instructions in God’s word regarding life, death, sin, and forgiveness. In this short and easy-to-understand workbook you will be challenged to rethink what you’ve heard about these ancient and eternally important truths.

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  • Getting It Right


    Nothing is more fundamental importance for every person on the planet than our need to get right with God. And while our Creator has revealed and reiterated his reconciling message on page after page of the Bible, many have opted for a popularized, truncated, sound-byte version of the gospel. In Getting It Right Mike Fabarez goes back to the Bible and thoughtfully walks us step-by-step through each major component of the gospel message, from God’s diagnoses of the universal human problem, to the great lengths God has gone to solve it. Though many today are increasingly infatuated with what Christianity might mean for this life, Mike Fabarez wants us to be crystal clear about what God has said about getting it right with him now so that we will be ready for the next life.

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  • 10 Mistakes People Make About Heaven Hell And The Afterlife


    Do You Know the Truth About Eternity?

    The afterlife often seems like the great unknown, and imagination and Hollywood portrayals of eternity shape many people’s beliefs about what lies beyond this existence. But what if you could ditch all those misconceptions and find the real truth?

    It’s time to find the straightforward, biblical answers you need about heaven, hell, and the afterlife! With warmth and understanding, Mike Fabarez examines 10 faulty beliefs that may be holding you back in fear and speculation. You will find truth about ideas like

    -When I die, I’ll go to sleep until the resurrection
    -On my way to heaven I’ll have to put in some time in purgatory
    -Heaven will be boring with very little to do

    You don’t need to worry or guess about the future, because God’s trustworthy Word is ready to inform your mind and settle your heart. Set aside your misconceptions and let this book guide you into deeper joy, faith, and understanding of eternity.

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  • Cria Hombres No Ninos


    Ensea a los padres a navegar los tiempos presentes y levantar una generacion de hombres con principios piadosos. Hay una epidemia de hombres adultos con la madurez de un nio. Aprenda a ser un padre que salve a su hijo de una adolescencia prolongada. Administre el don de la paternidad y pastoree a sus hijos para que sean hombres de Dios.

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  • Raising Men Not Boys


    How to raise godly men in a godless age

    Perhaps there has never been a more challenging time to raise children than in today’s culture. Parents are having to address challenges that their parents never had to address with them.

    And while the core elements to raising children are the same, parents need wisdom for applying them to this day and age.

    That’s what this book is about: navigating the times and raising a generation of men on godly principles-sons who are ready, able, and motivated to represent God during their days of sojourn on this earth. The hope is that through generational transmission, the promises of God will extend to the third and fourth generation and beyond.

    Parents will be equipped to:
    *Envision their son’s future every day
    *Set his spiritual trajectory
    *Build a home that builds godly men
    *Address the rebellion in their son’s heart
    *Prepare him to face the world and contribute to it
    *Help their son toward a right view of play and leisure
    *Navigate the teenage years

    There is an epidemic of grown men with the maturity of young boys. Be a parent who saves your child from prolonged adolescence. Scripture says, The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice; he who fathers a wise son will be glad in him (Prov. 23:24). Children are a gift from the Lord. Read Raising Men, Not Boys to steward the gift of parenting, and shepherd your sons to be men of God.

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  • Lifelines For Tough Times


    When tough times hit, we often find ourselves vulnerable–to doubt, fear, worry, even depression. We ask, Does God care? Has He forgotten me?

    So why does God allow suffering? Author Mike Fabarez–who is well acquainted with deep pain himself as the father of a special-needs child and as a pastor who has counseled many through life’s hurts–looks to the truths of Scripture for answers. Along the way, he shares…
    *how complete trust in God alone can restore your confidence and hope
    *the power of focusing on God’s eternal goals for you in life’s temporary setbacks
    *God’s promises to love and protect you no matter what happens

    This book will not only help you understand why God allows suffering–it will provide you with the resources to stand strong, rest in God’s care, and endure!

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