Who Is The Antichrist


With the growing interest in the Antichrist these days, curiosity runs high for both Christians and unbelievers–with good reason.  In books, movies, and even everyday conversation, so many different ideas about who he is, what he will do, and the timing of his arrival abound that it’s difficult to separate biblical fact from human speculation.

Bestselling Bible prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock looks to the one source readers can trust–the Bible–and answers questions such as…

  • Where will the Antichrist come from?
  • When will he appear on earth’s stage?
  • What is the significance of the number 666?
  • How will he rise to power, and what will finally happen to him?
  • Will we know who he is before the rapture happens?

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Mark Hitchcock
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Published: August 2011
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