The Island of Free Ice Cream

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Brave Books and Jack Posobiec take a deep dive into the idea of Capitalism Vs Communism with the story of “The Island of Free Ice Cream”. Most should be wary when offered something for free but too often “free” is more enticing than Freedom.

The city of Rushington is home to many creatures and their favorite thing about their busy home is the Rushington Market. No one loves this city or its market more than a clever inventor named Asher.

Life in Rushington is great until a group of deceptive wolves come along and promise they will turn Rushington into the perfect city, overflowing with delicious Free Ice Cream, the same way they did to their home island. All the animals of Rushington buy into the wolves’ deception without a thought, all, except for a fox named Asher. Will Asher prove the Wolves wrong and save Rushington or will Rushington crumble under its new rulers?

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Jack Posobiec
Published: September 2021
Publisher: Brave Books

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