Seeking Wisdom


We face decisions every day. Some are small, so the outcome won’t make much of a difference even a day or two from now, while others have the potential to alter lives eternally. We need God’s wisdom to make good choices, arrive at sound judgments, and select the best paths as we navigate life’s journeys. There is no better place to get this wisdom than the ancient and inspired book of Proverbs!

As we carefully read and re-read the Proverbs, thinking about what these words meant to the original audience and applying those truths to our lives, my prayer is that we will draw closer to the ultimate Author of Proverbs, the God of the universe. When confronted with our moral failure, I pray that we see our need to turn to his Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. As we trust in Jesus and seek to live out God’s wisdom revealed through these proverbs, may he maximize our spiritual successes and minimize our life’s regrets.

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Stephanie Schwartz
Published: 2020
Publisher: Compass Bible Church

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