Reading Matthew : A Literary And Theological Commentary (Revised)

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Editor’s Preface
Chapter 1. Matthew 1:1-4:16:Introducing Jesus The Messiah, The Son Of God
The Birth Of The Messiah
The Fulfillment Of God’s Promises (1:1-25)
From Judea Of David To The Galilee Of The Gentiles (2:1-23)
Getting Ready: God’s Son In The Wilderness (3:1-17)
God’s Son Who Fulfills All Righteousness (3:1-17)
God’s Son Who Vanquishes Satan (4:1-11)
Dispelling The Darkness In Galilee (4:12-16)

Chapter 2. Matthew 4:17-16:20: Jesus’ Ministry To Israel
Part 1: Teaching, Healing, And Calling Lost Sheep, 4:17-11:1
Jesus’ Debut: Authority And Compassion (4:17-25)
Magisterial Teaching: A Charter For Discipleship (5:1-8:1)
A New Moses? (5:1-2)
Congratulations Are In Order (5:13-16)
Changing The World (5:13-16)
The Fulfillment Of The Law (5:17-19)
Restoring God’s Intention In The Law (5:20-48)
Acts Of Devotion: For Applause Or For God? (6:1-18)
What To Do About Money? (6:19-34)
Relating To Others (7:1-12)
Warning: Obedience Is Not Optional (7:13-7:27)
Restoring Life To Others (8:2-9:35)
Great Harvest And Great Dangers (9:36-10:42)
Part 2: Rejection And Confession, 11:1-16:20
Doubt, Indifference, And Dissent (11:2-12:45)
The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Revealed (12:46-13:58)
Power And Mercy For God’s People (14:1-36)
Bread For All (15:1-16:12)
Building The Church On Bedrock (16:13-20)

Chapter 3. Matthew 16:21-28:20: Jesus’ Passion And Resurrection
The Shadow Of Death And The Promise Of Glory (16:21-17:23)
Living Together As The Family Of God (17:24-18:35)
What’s In It For Us?
The Demands And Rewards Of The Kingdom (19:1-20:16)
Jerusalem Meets Its King (20:17-21:22)
Jesus Lord In The Temple (21:23-22:46)
False Teachers Lead Others To Ruin (23:1-39)
Judgment Is Coming (24:1-25:46)
The Life-Giving Death Of The Rejected Messiah (26:1-27:56)
The Victorious Breakthrough (27:57-28:20)

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Reading Matthew provides thorough guidance through Matthew’s story of Jesus. Garland’s commentary reveals the movement of the story’s plot while also highlighting the theology of Matthew. Reading Matthew is an essential book for studnets and ministers studying the first Gospel

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Editor: David Garland
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2013
Reading The New Testament
Publisher: Smyth & Helwys Publishing

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