Pocket Guide To Noahs Ark

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Was There Really A Noah’s Ark?
Flood Legends: A World Of Stories Based On Truth
Thinking Outside The Box
Mything The Boat
Caring For Animals On The Ark
Has Noah’s Ark Been Found?
Noah The Evangelist
How Did Animals Spread All Over The World?
Taking Back The Rainbow
The Ark And The Gospel

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Can we really believe the biblical account of Noah’s Ark? How could the Ark hold all those animals? How could Noah care for all the animals? What did Noah’s Ark look like? How did kangaroos get to Australia? Has Noah’s Ark been found?

These and other questions are answered in this pocket guide to Noah’s Ark. Combining the latest research with careful biblical scholarship, experts show why we can trust the biblical account of Noah’s Ark. Be prepared with answers about this controversial subject.

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Published: January 2009
Pocket Guide To – Answers In Genesis
Publisher: Answers In Genesis

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