Neither Poverty Nor Riches

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Series Preface
Author’s Preface

Introductory Considerations
A Sampling Of Statistics
Christian Response

1. The Old Testament And Material Possessions: The Historical Books
2. The Old Testament And Wisdom And Prophetic Literature
3. Additional Historical Background: Between The Testaments
4. The Teaching Of Jesus In The Synoptic Gospels
5. Earliest Christianity
6. The Life And Teaching Of Paul
7. The Rest Of The New Testament
8. Summary, Conclusions And Applications

Index Of Authors

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In NEITHER POVERTY NOR RICHES, Craig Blomberg asks what the Bible has to say to these issues. He avoids easy answers, and instead seeks a comprehensive biblical theology of possessions. Beginning with the groundwork laid by the Old Testament and the ideas developed in the intertestamental period, he draws out what the whole New Testament has to say on the subject and finally offers conclusions and applications reverant to the modern world.

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Craig Blomberg
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2001
New Studies In Biblical Theology # 7
Publisher: InterVarsity Press

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