Making Sense Of The Trinity


1. Is The Doctrine Of The Trinity Biblical?
2. Does The Doctrine Of The Trinity Make Sense?
3. Does The Doctrine Of The Trinity Make Any Difference?
112 Pages

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Despite the common use of the phrase Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, many Christians and plenty of nonbelievers lack an understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity. This often is a barrier to faith or growth, but one that can be overcome when explored openly and thoroughly. The Trinity has much to teach us about the essence of God and our relationships with one another.

In Making Sense of the Trinity, Millard J. Erickson demonstrates the biblical foundation, logic, and importance of the Trinity as he answers these three questions:

– Is the doctrine of the Trinity biblical?
– Does the doctrine of the Trinity make sense?
– Does the doctrine of the Trinity make any difference?

The book is the latest in Baker’s 3 Crucial Questions series, which seeks to examine the most challenging aspects of Christian theology. Erickson’s down-to-earth language communicates to laity, seminary students, pastors, and scholars alike. All four groups will appreciate the reliable guidance of this respected scholar.

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Millard Erickson
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Published: April 2000
3 Crucial Questions
Publisher: Baker Academic

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