Jonathan Edwards Resolutions

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While completing his preparation for the ministry, Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) wrote seventy resolutions that guided him throughout his life. About twenty years later he wrote a letter to young Deborah Hatheway, a new convert in a nearby town, advising her concerning the Christian life. These two writings, often reprinted during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, overflow with straight forward and biblically sound advice. This advice is as current today as it was in the 1700s, and it far surpasses the how to books now overrunning bookstores. If your knowledge of Edwards does not extend beyond his sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, you owe it to yourself to read Jonathan’ Edward’s Resolutions: And Advice to Young Converts.

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Jonathan Edwards | Editor: Stephen Nichols
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Published: 2001
Jonathan Edwards
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