As people finish the last book of the Old Testament they realize when turning to the New Testament that there is a gap of time not addressed by the books in most English Bibles. This period of time, known commonly as the “Intertestamental Period” covers four centuries and the changes and influences of the culture and people throughout the known world was very influential on the setting of the books of the New Testament. In this volume, Dr. Raymond Surburg, long time professor of the Bible and the languages of the Old Testament, presents the history of the Jewish people from Persian times to the fall of Jerusalam in A.D. He offers a survey of the various writings from this period, including the Apocrypha, which was always included in the Bible until the Lutheran Church moved from German to English. He also covers the Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, as well as the Pseudepigrapha. While not exhaustive in its treatment, this volume offers a good overview for pastors, teachers and serious students of the Bible who want to understand during the time between Old and New Testament.

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Raymond F. Surburg
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