In Six Days


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Why would any educated, self-respecting scientist with a PhD advocate a literal interpretation of the six days of creation? Why, indeed, when only one in three Americans believes the Bible is the actual word of God and is to be taken literally, word for word according to a recent Gallup poll.

Science can neither prove nor disprove evolution anymore than it can creation. Certainly there are no human eyewitness accounts of either. However, certain factors are present today which are capable of swaying one’s beliefs one way or the other.

In this book are the testimonies of fifty men and women holding doctorates in a wide range of scientific fields who have been convinced by the evidence to believe in a literal six-day creation. For example, meet:

*The geneticist who concludes that there must have been 150 billion forerunners of modern man in order for the natural selection required by evolution to have taken place in the development of man. The evidence for such vast numbers of prehistoric man is in dire shortage.

*The orthodontist who discovered that European museum fossils of ancient man have been tampered with to adhere to evolution theories
All fifty of these scientists, through faith and scientific fact, have come to the conclusion that God’s Word is true and everything had its origin not so very long ago, in the beginning, In Six Days..

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