Hermeneutics : Principles And Processes Of Biblical Interpretation (Reprinted)

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1. Introduction To Biblical Hermeneutics
2. The History Of Biblical Interpretation
3. Historical-Cultural And Contextual Analysis
4. Lexical-Syntactical Analysis
5. Theological Analysis
6. Special Literary Forms: Similes, Metaphors, Proverbs, Parables, And Allegories
7. Special Literary Forms: Prophecy, Apocalyptic Literature, And Types
8. Applying The Biblical Message: A Proposal For The Transcultural Problem

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If non-specialists learn the correct principles and processes for hermeneutics, much more accurate and helpful biblical interpretation can be accomplished. This book gives the reader not only an understanding of the principles of proper biblical interpretation but also the ability to apply those principles in sermon preparation, personal Bible study, or writing.

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Henry Virkler | Karelynne Ayayo
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2007
Publisher: Baker Academic

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