Gospel In The Marketplace Of Ideas (Student/Study Guide)

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1. Welcome To Athens
2. Was Paul’s Speech At Athens A Mistake?
3. Paul’s Athens
4. Our Athens
5. Paul’s Speech In Acts
6. Paul’s Audience
7. Paul’s Gospel For The Educated
8. The Art Of Persuasion
9. Acting On The Truth
10. Going To Our Own Mars Hill
Resources For Further Reading
Study Questions For Group Discussion
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Our world is multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-philosophical. It ranges from fundamental monotheism to do-it-yourself spirituality to strident atheism. How can we authentically and effectively present the message of Jesus the Messiah in such a pluralistic and often relativistic context? When Paul visited Athens, as told in the book of Acts, he found an equally multi-cultural and multi-religious setting. From Jews to Gentiles, elite to poor, slaves to slave owners, from olive-skinned Gentiles to dark-skinned Ethiopians–the Greco-Roman world was a dynamic mixture. Religions practices were also wide and varied, with the Imperial cult of Emperor worship being the most prominent. Many also frequented the temples for the traditional Greek pantheon, and participated in the secret rituals of the Mystery Religions. Philosopher Paul Copan and New Testament scholar Kenneth Litwak team up to show how Paul’s example found in Acts 17 provide a practical model that still fits today. They uncover the cultural and religious background of this key episode in the Apostle’s career. With equal facility they show what it means for us who live in an age of competing beliefs and value systems.

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Paul Copan | Kenneth Litwak
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