Future Grace : The Purifying Power Of The Promises Of God (Revised)


There is a secret to stopping the sin-repent-sin cycle. It’s called grace.

In Future Grace, author John Piper helps readers discover the key to overcoming sin and living a life that honors God. Many men and women attempt to walk upright out of gratitude for what Christ did in the past, but Piper encourages believers to look ahead to the grace God provides for us on a day-by-day, moment-by-moment basis-putting faith into action by laying hold of God’s promises for the challenges we face.

Sever the Root of Sin

No one sins out of duty. We sin because we want to. Sin promises happiness, and we buy the lie. So how can the root of sin be severed in our lives? The penalty of sin must be paid by the righteous blood of Christ. And the power of sin must be broken by banking on the promises of Christ.

John Piper’s meditations are rooted in rock-solid biblical reflection. Chapter by chapter-one for each day of the month-he reveals how, by cherishing the promises of God, you can break the power of anxiety, despondency, covetousness, lust, bitterness, impatience, pride, misplaced shame, and more.

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John Piper
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Published: 2012
Publisher: Multnomah

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