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After twenty years of research, Dr. J. Barton Payne has compiled the one complete guide to Biblical prophecy. From the prediction of Adam’s death in Genesis 2: 17 to the prophecy of mankind’s perpetual worship of God in the new heaven and earth (Psalm 72:5), the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY discusses every verse of prophetic matter in Scripture. It identifies every probable point of fulfillment whether in the past, present, or still in the future. The first 144 pages of the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY set forth a systematic approach to the subject of Biblical prophecy and the legitimate place for prediction in it. The ENCYCLOPEDIA is arranged according to the 66 books of the Bible. In each book, all the verses on one prophetic theme are treated in one combined discussion. For example: The 12 verses of Genesis that foretell God’s granting of the land of Canaan to the descendants of Abraham are discussed together. It is then shown how the promise was fulfilled in the days of Joshua. One of the ENCYCLOPEDIA’S concluding summaries lists all the 737 major subjects that appear in Biblical prediction, with the books and paragraphs in which each is found. This way, each prophecy can be traced from its first appearance in the Bible to its last. Among the many features is a complete list of all the Scriptural prophecies pertaining to Christ. No other book has ever examined Biblical prophecy so thoroughly or presented it in such a balanced perspective as the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY. -1,817 entries covering all the Biblical predictions in both the Old and New Testaments -A complete discussion of all 8,352 predictive verses in the Bible -14 tables, including three on the Book of Revelation -Bibliography -4 summaries -4 statistical appendixes -5 complete indexes An indispensable tool for students of the Bible, for students in theological seminaries and Bible colleges, for pastors as a reference guide, and for concerned lay people. The ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY is certain to bring a fresh understanding and rewarding insights of the bible.

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