Abandoned : What Is Gods Will For The Jewish People And The Church (Reprinted)


Part 1: Information You Need
1. We Can’t Afford To Lose You!
2. The Greatest Battle In The Universe
3. Reading The Rest Of Romans
4. Let’s Look At Church History
5. Why The Holocaust?

Part 2: Increasing Your Understanding
6. Who Is A Jew?
7. What Does It Mean To Be A Jew Today?
8. What Do Today’s Jews Believe About God And The Bible?
9. What Do Today’s Jews Think About Jesus?

Part 3: Questions You Are Now Ready To Ask
10. Do The Jewish People Really Need Jesus?
11. At The Heart Of The Matter
12. How Do We Reach The Jewish People?
13. The Special Needs Of Jewish Believers
14. What Does The Church Need To Do?
A Personal Note
Appendix 1: What’s Happening In Israel?
Appendix 2: Denominational Judaism In America
Appendix 3: Agencies That Minister To Jewish People

272 Pages

Additional Info
Has God abandoned the Jewish people?

In ABANDONED, we meet the modern, often secular face of contemporary Jewry. Telchin asks: What do today’s Jews believe about God and the Bible? What keeps them from considering the Gospel? Then he addresses the big lie: You cannot be Jewish and believe in Jesus. Finally, he guides us to the heart of the matter: why the Jewish people really need Jesus and how we can develop a faithful, loving witness to them.

ABANDONED is an invaluable guide to help us share God’s love with the people who are always on His heart.

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Stan Telchin
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