Practicing Proverbs


This is a unique book on a unique part of Scripture. Mayhue introduces us to Solomon, the writer of Proverbs, and then gets to grips with the book itself and its message. He answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Proverbs and how the book has immediate and pressing relevance to Christians today.


Then he re–organises the text of the entire book of Proverbs into six life applications – spiritual, personal, family, intellectual, market–place and societal each also having particular themes highlighted within them.

Practicing Proverbs is one book with multiple uses: devotionial, small group discipleship book, resource for the biblical counselor and for teaching Christian ethics and morality.

Most importantly of all, this is a book to help the reader develop a life that glorifies the source of all wisdom – God.

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Richard Mayhue
Published: November 2012
Publisher: Christian Focus

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