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  • Burned Out : Trusting God With Your To Do List


    Often, in our busy world, our lives feel like one long to-do list. It’s easy to get so busy that we don’t even notice how exhausted and anxious we are. Do you find yourself saying yes to activities you don’t have time for? Have you ever said, If I don’t do it, who will? An overloaded schedule and an inability to rest are signs of approaching burnout.

    Instead of giving you organizational tips (and thus more to do!), Winston T. Smith helps you to look at what drives your busyness and points you to the rest and peace that comes from a deeper trust in God. You will learn how to build rest into your life and break free from the things that keep you from peace.

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  • Divorce Recovery : Growing And Healing Gods Way

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    The pain of divorce has many different faces: the end of your hopes and dreams for your marriage; a life full of unwanted changes; and the daily struggle with a mixture of grief, fear, guilt, and anger. Is recovery possible?

    Winston T. Smith, using biblical principles, guides you through the unsettling changes you and your children are facing and gives you specific directions for facing each day. You will discover that God is with you, right in the middle of this painful situation. God delights in restoring what is broken. He will heal your wounds and grow you in new and surprising ways through this hard time.

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  • Help For Stepfamilies

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    How do you blend two separate families into one household? Family traditions, values, interests, and parenting styles are often so far apart that simple questions like, Who takes out the trash? or Where shall we go for Christmas? can quickly become flashpoints of conflict.

    Winston T. Smith provides a road map to the unique challenges that each member of a stepfamily faces. Drawing on his experience as a marriage and family counselor, Winston Smith shows how understanding each other’s struggles, honest sharing, and sacrificial love can transform and unify your stepfamily. As you learn to practically apply these biblical principles, you will find that there are also unique blessings to be found in your new, blended family.

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  • How Do I Stop Losing It With My Kids

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    The kids are hungry, dinner is late, everyone’s tired and on edge, and then it happens-you lose control and blow up at them again. Is losing control with our children inevitable in our busy world? Or is there a better way?

    Learn from William P. Smith a better way to relate to your children than with irritation, anger, and harsh words. Drawng on his counseling and parenting experiences, he explains why you lose control with your children, and then offers strategies that will help you change the way you relate to your children when you are under pressure.

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