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  • Starting Over : How Not To Screw Up Your Next Relationship

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    Your last relationship didn’t work out, and you got hurt-and maybe you also hurt someone else. Now what? Perhaps you are thinking about starting over with someone new, but you’re nervous and wondering if you are really ready for another relationship.

    William P. Smith tackles head-on the issues you need to face as you think about starting a new relationship-past hurts, learning to trust someone new, and understanding your own failings and mistakes. You will be reassured that God is at work in your life, and that growing in your trust and love for him will free you to love well those he puts in your life.

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  • Who Should I Date

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    Who should you date? You might be drawn to someone who is fun, good-looking, and interested in the same things you are, but even more important than what’s on the surface is what someone is like inside. But how can you find that out? What should you look for?

    William P. Smith gives detailed, practical ways to assess both you and your friend’s relationship readiness. Filling out the quiz in this booklet will give you a better idea of the areas where both of you need to grow. Read this with your friend. It will lead to great conversations about the most important things in life-your faith and how you express that faith in your relationships with others.

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  • How To Love Difficult People

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    Prickly, defensive, nasty, volatile, withdrawn, miserable…aren’t there days when you feel surrounded by difficult people? How do you cope? You can try avoiding them, gossiping about them, or giving them a piece of your mind. But wait! Don’t your reactions make you hard to love too?

    William P. Smith explains that learning how to deal with difficult people starts with understanding that God’s pursuing love is not just for them; it’s for you too. You need God’s love and forgiveness just as much as they do. Knowing the love of God will change your attitude, your goals, and your actions toward the difficult people in your life. And that just might encourage them to change too!

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  • Should We Get Married

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    You know you’re in love -you always want to be together, and you think about each other all the time-but does that mean you’re ready to get married? How do you decide if your relationship is strong enough for marriage?

    William P. Smith gives you a series of questions based on biblical principles that you can use to assess your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses. Answering these questions about your vision, goals, and potential conflicts will help you decide together whether you should slow your relationship down or move forward toward marriage. This booklet is a great resource for pastors and others to use during premarital counseling or classes.

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