William Ramsay

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  • Saint Paul The Traveler And Roman Citizen (Revised)

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    Hailed by Christian History magazine as a classic from a previous era that still gives insight, William Ramsay’s St. Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen takes on a brilliant new luster in this full-color updated, illustrated edition.

    Editor Mark Wilson has completed the original text by including additional material published at a later date by Ramsay, covering the life of Paul at his conversion and in Palestine prior to his missionary travels. This definitive edition will serve as a study tool for anyone interested in the history and geography of Paul’s first-century travels.
    * Lavishly illustrated with more than one hundred color photographs
    * More than twenty maps and charts
    * Exhaustive indexes of persons, Bible texts cited, subjects, and places
    * Fifteen helpful sidebar commentaries by the editor
    * Complete list of photographs, charts, and maps
    * Transliterated texts for the non-Greek reader

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