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  • Anger And Stress Management Gods Way

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    Anger and stress may be commonplace, but they are still destroyers that will cause devastating harm if left unchecked. By God’s grace, however, no one needs to be overcome by ungodly anger or stress. Experienced and internationally respected biblical counselor Wayne Mack shows how to apply God’s Word to finding true and authoritative help, explaining principles that can be adopted for lasting positive change. Includes study questions and evaluation materials.

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  • Courage : Fighting Fear With Fear

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    Fear is so much a part of the human experience that we may think there is no escape. Our own earthly solutions fall short, but God has offered us a better remedy: a spirit of power and love and discipline (2 Tim. 1:7) that can overcome fear of others, irrational fear, and sinful fear. Through short lessons and discussion questions, Wayne and Joshua Mack show how we can find true courage by fearing God and trusting in him alone.

    This book can be used for individual growth and development, for group study, or for homework assignments for those in counseling.

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  • Preparing For Marriage Gods Way

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    Preparing for Marriage God’s Way is a marriage counseling resource that uses thoughtful self-examination to reveal the personalities, background, and expectations that you and your partner are bringing to your union. Through rigorous Bible study, you will learn about God’s expectations for marriage and be equipped with his solutions for dealing with typical marriage conflicts. Three follow-up lessons after your marriage help you to reflect on all that’s happened after you said, I do.

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  • In Laws : Married With Parents

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    How many Christian books about marriage would you say you have purchased and read? How many of them included solid biblical teaching, if any teaching, about the issue of in-law relationships? Over the years I have purchased and read hundreds of books on marriage and family issues. Surprisingly, a perusal of these books indicates that very little has been written on this subject. It’s virtually an untouched area.

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  • Sweethearts For A Lifetime

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    A biblical, practical look at how couples can restore warmth and vitality to their marriages. Written for both newlyweds and those who have been married for years.

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  • Out Of The Blues

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    ‘Out of the Blues’ addresses a problem that nearly everyone faces at some time in their lives. If you are not living with depression now, you know someone who is. Out of the Blues will: * Define and describe depression * Describe the dynamics of depression and how it develops * Present a biblical solution to the problem, and * Outline causes and solutions to the blues caused by loneliness. Excellent questions for discussion and application follow each chapter.

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  • Fight To The Death

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    Too few Christians are aware that they are in a fight to the death! Mack explores the seriousness of sin and where it will lead us. He also shows the necessity of fighting against it and presents a biblical method of killing the sin within us.

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  • Humility : The Forgotten Virtue

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    Most sins turn us away form God, but pride is a direct attack upon God. It lifts our hearts above Him and against Him. Pride seeks to dethrone God and enthrone itself. How can Christians fight against this sin and develop genuine humility? In this helpful book, Wayne Mack guides teachers through Scripture and shows us how we can take steps to develop humility and diminish the destructive pride in our lives. Readers will find here a resource that is practical, well illustrated, and relevant to their lives.

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  • Strengthening Your Marriage

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    Whichever term describes your marriage, there are ways to make it (even) better. That?s because God has designed marriage to be a relationship of deep unity and strength. Despite the challenges that couples face today, marital harmony need not be considered an impossible ideal.

    Wayne A. Mack recognizes the challenges before us, and shows us how to meet those challenges with growing success. In this book, he has gathered a wealth of biblical insight and practical information on marital roles, communication, finances, sex, child rearing, and family worship. Both as a counseling aid and as a guide for husbands and wives to study together, this book offers true hope and help where couples need it most.

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  • Your Family Gods Way

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    Offers biblical insight and practical wisdom into two crucial areas of family life: communication and conflict resolution. Practical guidance for the Christian family.

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