Stephen Dempster

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  • Dominion And Dynasty


    Series Preface
    Author’s Preface
    1. A Book Or A Ragbag: A Literary Approach To Old Testament Theology
    2. The Beginning, Middle And Ending Of The Tanakh: A Preview Of The Storyline (Adam To David)
    3. The Narrative Storyline Begins (Genesis)
    4. The Narrative Storyline Continues (Exodus To Deuteronomy)
    5. The Narrative Storyline Continues: The Former Prophets (Joshua To Kings)
    6. Suspension Of The Storyline–Poetic Commentary Begins: The Latter Prophets (Jeremiah To The Twelve)
    7. Poetic Commentary Continues: The Writings (Ruth To Lamentations)
    8. Ending Of Poetic Commentary And Resumption Of Narrative Storyline (Daniel To Chronicles)
    9. Typology And New Testament Reflections
    Index Of Ancient Sources
    Index Of Modern Authors
    Index Of Scripture References

    Additional Info
    In this stimulating exposition, Stephen Dempster argues that, despite its undoubted literary diversity, the Hebrew Bible possesses a remarkable structural and conceptual unity. The various genres and books are placed within a comprehensive narrative framework which provides an overarching literary and historical context.

    The many texts contribute to this larger text, and find their meaning and significance within its story of ‘dominion and dynasty’, which ranges from Adam to the Son of Man to David, and to a coming Davidic king.

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