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  • 101 More Hymn Stories

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    SKU (ISBN): 9780825442834 Kenneth Osbeck Binding: Trade Paper Published: 2013 Publisher: Kregel Publications

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  • Basket Of Flowers

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    Mary and her father, Jacob, live on their own in a snug little cottage surrounded by a beautiful garden with brightly coloured flowers. It’s a lovely home and they are very happy there. But everything goes wrong for Mary! A jealous acquaintance decides to make Mary’s life a misery and accuses Mary of a crime that she did not commit. Very soon Mary and her father find themselves homeless–and all because of a basket of flowers and a new dress. However, not all is lost and Mary puts her trust in God who she knows will never desert her. Disgraced, she leaves her hometown under a cloud, her reputation in tatters. What will happen to Mary and her father? Will the truth come out in the end? Or will Mary always be looked on as a common criminal? Christoph Von Schmid has written a beautiful story of good triumphing over evil. This is a book which will enthrall you and surprise you!

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