Robert L. Thomas

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  • Understanding Spiritual Gifts (Revised)

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    This thorough study of spiritual gifts will help Christians understand their God-given gifts and how they should use those gifts in the church. Thomas explains each gift, examining them in the light of the Word. He also deals with the issues concerning the source, purpose, and nature of spiritual gifts. Understanding Spiritual Gifts will give readers new insight into how their gifts can be used for God’s glory and service.

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  • Jesus Crisis : The Inroads Of Historical Criticism Into Evangelical Scholar

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    Examines the inroads of historical criticism into evangelical scholarship. Though evangelicals reject many extreme conclusions of liberal scholars, some have adopted their same methodology in the interpretation of the Synoptic Gospels, creating a crisis in evangelical scholarship. The authors show how adopting such methodologies are affecting the next generation of pastors, teachers, and scholars.

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