R. A. Torrey

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  • How To Pray

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    What is the importance of prayer? How does one pray? Learn practical pointers for intelligent, effective prayer that brings God’s answers.

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  • Power Of Prayer

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    1. The Power Of Prayer
    2. What Definite And Desirable Results Will Definite And Determined Prayer Produce?
    3. What Prayer Can Do For Churches, And For The Nation And For All Nations?
    4. How To Pray So As To Get What You Ask
    5. Who Can Pray So As To Get What They Ask?
    6. Praying In The Name Of Jesus Christ
    7. The Prayer Of Faith
    8. Praying Through And Praying In The Holy Ghost
    9. Hindrance To Prayer
    10. Prevailing Prayer And Real Revival
    192 Pages

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    The Power of Prayer is the classic handbook on tapping the unlimited power of God. It discusses the freedom, peace, and security available through communication with God and answers common questions about prayer:
    *How to pray?
    *Who can pray?
    *Why pray?
    *What interferes with prayer?
    *How to overcome hindrances to prayer?
    *What can prayer do for a person or a nation?

    No other book so clearly outlines the positives of prayer, the prerequisites to prayer, the purpose of prayer, or the power of prayer.

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