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  • Last Words Of Saints And Sinners

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    1. The Cameos Of Death
    2. The Modes Of Death
    3. Farewell At Death
    4. The Company Of Martyrs
    5. Records Of Dying Words
    6. The Scottish Covenanters
    7. The Fear Of Death
    8. The Art Of Dying Well
    9. The Death Of The Saints

    240 Chapters

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    The last words of the dying have fascinated readers throughout history. They provide a brief glimpse through the window of human character, revealing the fears, hopes, courage, and legacies of both the famous and not so famous.

    This collection of seven hundred quotes features the last words of kings, commoners, atheists, poets, politicians, and martyred Christians. Carefully researched and collected by well known author Herbert Lockyer, these final utterances cover a wide variety of topics including heaven, hell, good, evil, justice, judgment, and even humor. Also included is a helpful introduction by the author, outlining the historical context of the last words as well as a summary of the Christian view of death.

    An instructive work for even the casual reader and a ready reference source for the pastor or public speaker.

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