Paul Wolfe

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  • Setting Our Sights On Heaven

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    Paul Wolfe, author of the well received book ‘My God is True’, brings us a new title looking at the Bible’s teaching about heaven. He helpfully addresses the various factors that tend to push heaven out of our minds, and provides gospel remedies that help us to push it back where it belongs.

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  • My God Is True

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    CANCER! Nearly everyone knows someone who has had it. But do we know well the Bible’s teaching that will strengthen us in the face of it? Everyone undergoes testing and trials. But do we do so trusting firmly in the goodness, wisdom and power of God? Here is a book that will help.

    My God Is True! is one man’s chronicle of cancer and the lessons he learned through it. In these pages Paul Wolfe tells his story of diagnosis, treatment and survival, and he points to the glory and grace of God along the way. Above all he points to the faithfulness of God, whose promises will certainly prove true. Read this story and be reminded that there is good reason – even in the midst of suffering – to worship and rejoice.

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