Paul Barnett

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  • Is The New Testament Reliable (Reprinted)


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830827688 Paul Barnett Binding: Trade Paper Published: January 2005 Publisher: InterVarsity Press

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  • Jesus And The Rise Of Early Christianity


    Gain new insight into first-century Christianity as you explore the world of Caesars and Herods, proconsuls and Pharisees, Sadducees and revolutionaries. Presenting a well-reasoned response to current revisionist views, Barnett argues that we can’t fully comprehend the growth of the Christian faith apart from understanding Jesus’ impact on his followers—and ultimately the world.

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  • 2nd Epistle To The Corinthians


    The original New International Commentary for this Pauline letter, written by Philip Edgcumbe Hughes in 1962, received much critical acclaim. Now Barnett, an Anglican bishop, continues to carry the torch of excellence with this revised work. Scholarly in content, this version is enhanced by Barnett’s pastoral experience, making it even more useful for students and pastors.

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