N.T. Wright

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  • Colossians And Philemon


    Table Of Contents
    General Preface
    Author’s Preface
    Chief Abbreviations
    Map: Asia Minor In The Time Of Paul

    Colossians: Introduction
    –The Shape Of The Letter
    –The Circumstances Of Writing
    –Date And Place Of Writing
    –The Message Of Colossians: Then And Now

    Colossians: Analysis

    Colossians: Commentary

    Philemon: Introduction
    –The Circumstances Of Writing
    –The Nature Of The Request
    –The Place Of Philemon In The New Testament
    –The Outline Of The Letter

    Philemon: Commentary

    Additional Info
    In Colossians, Paul presents Christ as the firstborn over all creation, and appeals to his readers to seek a maturity found only Christ. In Philemon, Paul appeals to a fellow believer to receive a runaway slave in love and forgiveness. N. T. Wright offers comment on the books Colossians and Philemon.

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