Karen Jobes

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  • 1, 2, And 3 John

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    This series is designed for those who know biblical languages. It is written primarily for the pastor and Bible teacher, not for the scholar. That is, the aim is not to review and offer a critique of every possible interpretation that has ever been given to a passage, but to exegete each passage of Scripture succinctly in its grammatical and historical context. Each passage is interpreted in the light of its biblical setting, with a view to grammatical detail, literary context, flow of biblical argument, and historical setting. While the focus will not be on application, it is expected that the authors will offer suggestions as to the direction in which application can flow.

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  • 1 Peter (Reprinted)

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    In this newest addition to the acclaimed BECNT series, respected New Testament scholar Karen H. Jobes provides a fresh commentary on 1 Peter.

    1 Peter admirably achieves the dual aims of the BECNT series–it is academically sophisticated as well as pastorally sensitive and accessible. This volume features Jobes’s own translation of the Greek text and detailed interaction with the meaning of the text, emphasizing the need to read 1 Peter in light of its cultural background.

    Jobes’s commentary will help pastors, students, and teachers better understand the Christian’s role as a foreigner in contemporary society.

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