Joseph Holden

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  • Charts Of Apologetics And Christian Evidences


    Apologetics-the intellectual defense of the Christian faith-is an important topic at a time when postmodernism, relativism, and religious pluralism are prevalent.

    Charts of Apologetics and Christian Evidences deals with every aspect of apologetics, from the reasons for apologetics, to various apologetic methods and their presuppositions, to different apologetic approaches, to specific topics such as the resurrection. The limitations of rational argument and reasoned proof, often overlooked, are also addressed.

    Sixty-eight charts fall into six sections: Apologetic Methodologies, Philosophical Apologetics, Theistic Apologetics, Religious Apologetics, Biblical Apologetics, and Scientific Apologetics. The charts cover historical, literary, archaeological, and theological aspects of both the Old and the New Testaments.

    A sampling of the charts in this book includes

    * What Is Apologetics? * Reasons for and against Apologetics * General Apologetics Systems * Philosophical Inquiry * How Can Truth Be Known? * Seven Major Worldviews * Views of Evil * Theories on the Origin of Religion * Secular Humanism versus Christianity * Old Testament Archaeology * Archaeologists and Historians Confirm Biblical Reliability * Jesus Seminar and the Bible * Intelligent Design Theory * Scientific Evidence for the Age of the Universe

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