J. Paul Nyquist

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  • Prepare : Living Your Faith In An Increasingly Hostile Culture

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    Much like a person who has awaked from a decades-long coma to be introduced to a radically different world, evangelicals are just awakening to the reality that they have lost the culture war in this country.

    We are seeing the rapid deterioration and dismantling of a Judean-Christian culture in America – and believers are finding themselves in unfamiliar positions. Values once held sacred are being discarded. Freedoms once offered are being withheld. Biblical absolutes once embraced are being replaced by relativism. Trend lines, unless altered, point to accelerated cultural change and even greater drift from the historic roots of this country.

    As a result, there is a growing intolerance towards believers and their message. Increasingly, followers of Jesus are being viewed as narrow, bigoted and hateful.

    Yet all of this was predicted by Christ before His departure. Prepare: Living Your Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture will set forth a biblical, theological, and practical approach to navigating the challenging days ahead and a reason for hope and optimism – the power of the Gospel and the possibility of societal transformation.

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