J. C. Ryle

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  • The Duties of Parents

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    Training your children well and not causing them to stumble in any way ought to be one of the highest priorities of Christian parents.

    In The Duties of Parents, J. C. Ryle presents seventeen simple and yet profound responsibilities of Christian parents. Nothing new is contained in this little volume, yet what is presented has the potential to change future generations both now and for eternity. Learn how to shepherd your children; learn how to utilize the most significant key of all – love; and learn first and foremost how to present and represent Christ to your children. As you read this book, expect to find yourself both challenged and excited to begin a wonderful, appropriate, and growing relationship with the most wonderful gift God can give us in our lifetime – our dear children.

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  • Thoughts For Young Men

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    JC Ryle was a faithful evangelical Christian and prolific writer as well as Bishop of Liverpool; his larger works such as Holiness and Practical Religion have never been out of print since they were written in the later nineteenth century. But Ryle also wrote shorter works that are of great value. In this new series these have been lightly updated and produced for the twenty-first century church. The needs that Ryle identified and that led him to write have not changed! Thoughts for Young Men is tremendously important: the changes in society have led to young men being marginalised and many are far more interested in the latest online games than Christian faith. Ryle challenges young men to take their rightful place in God’s plan.

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  • Holiness

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    21 Chapters

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    Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots is perhaps J. C. Ryle’s best-known and, arguably, best-loved book. Although many things have changed since 1877, when this book was first published, one thing remains the same: ‘real practical holiness does not receive the attention it deserves.’ It was to remedy this attention deficit, and to counter false teaching on this most important subject, that Ryle took up his pen.
    The twenty-one chapters in this enlarged edition highlight:

    the real nature of holiness
    the temptations and difficulties which all must expect who pursue it
    the life-transforming truth that union with Christ is the root of holiness
    the immense encouragement Jesus Christ holds out to all who strive to be holy.

    Holiness, as with all of Ryle’s works, is clear and concise, penetrating and practical.

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  • Holiness : Its Nature Hindrances Difficulties And Roots (Abridged)

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    J.C. Ryle’s Holiness has imparted a standing challenge to Christians for 130 years. In this new, slimmed-down series of excerpts from Ryle’s masterwork, we aim to present his original message to a whole new generation.

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  • Holiness : Its Nature Hindrances Difficulties And Roots

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    A lost treasure, written by one of the great Anglican writers of the 19th Century. Among England’s most influential evangelical leaders, Ryle wrote passionately about personal holiness, the life we live behind closed doors with our families and closest friends. He reminds readers that, though we are justified by faith alone without works, we are sancrified by faith and works. A religion that costs nothing is worth nothing, stresses Ryle, and A cheap Christianity, without a cross, will prove in the end a useless Christianity, without a crown.

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  • Call To Prayer

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    Do you pray? This is the question Ryle puts before every reader. He shows powerfully and clearly that prayer is the means by which we obtain every blessing from God, but prayerlessness is the sure way to everlasting destruction.

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  • Five English Reformers

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    The conviction that martyrs, though dead, can still speak to the church, led Ryle to pen these pungent biographies of five English Reformers. He analyses the reasons for their martyrdom and points out the salient characteristics of their lives.

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