Howard Hendricks

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  • Living By The Book (Revised)

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    Do you feel guilty about not enjoying personal Bible study? Ever wonder how some people can percolate with enthusiasm over the same passages that leaves you unmoved? Father and son authors Howard and Bill Hendricks believe practicing effective inductive Bible
    study methods can make the difference. After taking Howard’s course at Dallas
    Theological Seminary, Chuck Swindoll said, What a difference it would make if all God’s people could get hold of the techniques and principles necessary for the cultivation of their own spiritual nourishment.

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  • Teaching To Change Lives

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    One of the most effective and influential Christian teachers of this century reveals how all teachers – from parents to Sunday school leaders, from pastors to professors – can make the most of their priceless opportunity to inspire, to instruct, and to permanently impact lives for the kingdom of God. Based on seven proven, easy-to-grasp laws any teacher can apply, Howard Hendricks’s classic teaching manual, with nearly 200,000 copies in print, is a must-read for anyone who wants to teach with power and passion, excitement and excellence.

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