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  • Hope: Living Confidently in God

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    How do we persevere in hard times? When platitudes and “positive thinking” fail us, God gives us lasting hope through his Word. This sustaining certainty is based not on our state of mind but on the security of God’s character expressed consistently and reliably through his promises. In this 31 day devotional, John Crotts brings hope to the hearts of troubled Christians by showing how God’s power, plans, and care offer substantive hope for every kind of trial and failure.

    In the 31 Day Devotionals for Life series, biblical counselors and Bible teachers guide you through Scripture passages that speak to specific situations or struggles, helping you to apply God’s Word to your life in practical ways day after day.

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  • Prayer Journal 30 Days on Hope

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    A 30-Day Bible Journal to Help You Engage with Scripture and Pray with Purpose, Featuring Artwork from Ruth Chou Simons

    ESV Prayer Journals guide your study of a foundational Scripture topic over 6 weeks and create space for writing and prayer―turning your quiet time into a meditation on God’s Word. Each week opens with an overview related to that week’s passage, followed by 5 days of teaching and prayer prompts. Each journal also includes space for writing, clear definitions of biblical terms, and artwork by Ruth Chou Simons.

    This ESV Prayer Journal focuses on what Scripture teaches about the nature of our hope as Christians and how it calms and steadies our anxious hearts.

    • Weekly Overview: Begin each week studying a Bible passage on the journal’s central theme
    • Interactive Bible Study: Each week includes 5 days of teaching with prayer and journaling prompts
    • Strengthen Spiritual Disciplines: Combine prayer and Bible study to connect with God and understand basic Bible themes
    • Makes a Great Gift: Perfect for birthdays, graduations, and to use with a friend
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