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  • Radical Book For Kids

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    The Radical Book for Kids is a fun-filled explorer’s guide to the Bible, church history, and life for boys and girls age 8 and up. Along with examining some of the most exciting realities in the universe, the handbook is vibrantly illustrated and chock-full of fun facts and ideas. Deep truths are communicated to elementary and middle-school aged kids while stimulating their curiosity and sense of adventure within a gospel-centered framework.

    This power-packed book is radical in more ways than you might think! It is radical in the sense of the original meaning of the word, going to the root or origin. The Radical Book for Kids will take children on a fascinating journey into the ancient roots of the Christian faith. But it’s also radical in the more modern sense of being revolutionary. Kids read about men and women who learned to trust Jesus and stand for him-displaying radical faith-even when everything seemed against them.

    But The Radical Book for Kids is also radical-meaning fun or cool-in the eyes of a child. Kids read about ancient weapons (and how to make one), learn about jewels, create pottery, discover ancient languages, use secret codes, locate stars, tell time using the sun, play a board game that’s 3,000 years old-and more.

    Check out the table of contents, skip around, or read straight through. However a child chooses to explore it, The Radical Book for Kids will open new vistas for their imagination and help to make straight paths for their feet.

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  • Delighting In The Trinity

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    In this brief and winsome book, Michael Reeves presents an introduction to the Christian faith that is rooted in the Triune God. He takes cues from preachers and teachers down through the ages, setting key doctrines of creation, the person and work of Christ, and life in the Spirit into a simple framework of the Christian life.

    A rich and enjoyable read on the basic beliefs of Christianity that avoids dumbing down its profound and life changing truths.

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  • In Defense Of Miracles

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    Fourteen expert philosophers, theologians, and apologists refute every objection ever raised to the validity of miracles—from David Hume’s landmark 1748 Essay on Miracles to Antony Flew’s current arguments. You’ll get careful, comprehensive insight into fulfilled prophecy, the virgin birth and incarnation of Christ, the empty tomb and post-resurrection appearances, and more.

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  • Intellectuals Dont Need God And Other Modern Myths

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    1. The Theological Foundations of Effective Apologetics
    2. Points of Contact
    3. From Assent to Commitment
    4. What Keeps People from Becoming Christians
    5. Intellectual Barriers to Faith
    6. A Clash of Worldviews
    7. From Textbook to Real Life

    242 Pages

    Additional Info
    Intellectuals Don’t Need God is for people who are not convinced by the arguments of classical, rationalistic apologetics, for people who feel that Christianity must have a broader appeal that to reason alone if it is to be persuasive to non-Christians. Alister McGrath shows convincingly that reason is only one of many possible points of contact between the non-Christian and the gospel. In today’s world, nonrational concerns — such as a sense that life lacks focus, an unconscious fear of death, a deep sense of longing for something unknown we don’t have but know we need — are much more effective points of contact for apologetics. In this book, Dr. McGrath (who is both a theologian and a scientist with a Ph.D. in microbiology) combines the clarity of a brilliant scientific mind with a deep commitment to Christ and to reaching non-Christians. Intellectuals Don’t Need God is for anyone who has questions about the validity of Christianity as well as for students, pastors, and lay leaders. Anyone who works with students and young people especially needs to read this book. As McGrath says, apologetics is not about winning arguments — it is about bringing people to Christ.

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  • You Can Trust God

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    Adversity is everywhere, nobody escapes it. But is it causing your confidence in God to crumble? Trust is a matter of will—not feelings—says Bridges, who outlines three essential truths about God that helped hymn writer John Newton (Amazing Grace) believe in God when his wife was dying. Features application questions and Scripture memorization.

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