Craig Blaising

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  • Progressive Dispensationalism

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    Summarizes recent developments in dispensational thought and treats major biblical themes according to this interpretive framework.

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  • Dispensationalism Israel And The Church

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    The relationship between Israel and the church is a crucial reference point in theology, especially in distinguishing between dispensational and nondispensational ways of thinking. The thesis of this book is that Israel and the church are distinct theological institutions that have arisen in the historical progress of divine revelation. But they are also related as successive phases of a redemptive program that is historically progressive and eschatologically converging. The approach to these issues here is neither polemical nor apologetic; rather, it anticipates a convergence among evangelical scholars in the recognition of both continuity and discontinuity in the Israel-church relationship. This book has three purposes: – To offer a contemporary dispensational treatment of that relationship through an exegetical examination of key texts with a focus on theological concerns – To foster genuine dialogue with nondispensational thinkers regarding major biblical themes tied to the plan of God – To identify the changes in dispensational thought that have developed since the publication of Charles Ryrie’s book Dispensationalism Today in 1965.

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