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  • 4 Views On The Book Of Revelation

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    1. A Preterist View OF Revelation / Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.
    2. An Idealist View Of Revelation / Sam Hamstra Jr.
    3. A Progessive Dispensationalist View Of Revelation / C. Marvin Pate
    4. A Classical Dispensationalist View Of Revelation / Robert L. Thomas
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    As we enter a new millennium, the book that speaks of the Millennium is once again hugely popular. Its images capture the imagination: four horsemen who bring death and destruction, the Antichrist, the beast with ten horns, the ultimate battle at Armageddon, and of course, 666, the mark of the beast, variously interpreted to signify everything from Hitler and Khrushchev to credit cards and the Internet.

    Is the book of Revelation really a blueprint for the future that simply needs decoding if we want to understand current events-or should we read it as a book of powerful imagery, of profound warning and ultimate promise that speaks to the church through the ages.

    Four Views on the Book of Revelation focuses specifically on the book of Revelation and the primary ways in which it is read and understood today. It shows how the various views interpret Revelation as well as why. The four views discussed are the preterist, idealist, dispensationalist futurist, and progressive dispensationalist views. Each is presented by a proponent who also interacts with the other three views.

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