C. Fred Dickason

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  • Angels : Elect And Evil (Expanded)


    1. The Existence Of Angels
    2. The Origin Of Angels
    3. The Nature Of Angels
    4. The Position Of Angels
    5. Names, Classifications, And Abode
    6. The Angel Of Jehovah
    7. Number, Organization, And Rank
    8. The Ministry Of Angels
    9. Development And Destiny Of Angels
    10. Our Relationship With Angels
    11. The Reality And Personality Of Satan
    12. Names Of Satan
    13. Original State And Fall Of Satan
    14. Satan’s Present Character And Position
    15. Satan’s Present Power And Activity
    16. The Reality Of Demons
    17. The Derivation Of Demons
    18. The Description Of Demons
    19. Duties Of Demons
    20. Domination By Demons
    21. Distractions By Demons-the Occult
    22. Defeat And Destiny Of Satan And Demons
    23. Defense Of Believers Against Satan And Demons

    Additional Info
    What are angels like?
    What kinds are there?
    How do angels serve God and us?
    Are there evil angels?

    This memorable study on angels will sharpen your understanding of the spiritual battle we face every day. And it will reassure you that God’s truth will prevail!

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