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  • True Account Of Adam And Eve


    Every child learns of Adam and Eve in Sunday school, but recently it’s become a big matter for debate within the Church itself – the question of whether these individuals even existed in any context, let alone being tossed out of a beautiful garden called Eden. This search for historical Adam by seminary classrooms, local pulpits, and science labs leaves many confused, while the Bible remains concise and consistently clear on the issue. Without the reality of Adam and Eve, and while in Eden their sin creating our need for a Savior in Jesus Christ, then God’s Biblical plan for the salvation of mankind is undermined and misunderstood. Now learn more about this historical couple in The True Story of Adam and Eve. Lavishly illustrated and easy to read, the book presents Adam and Eve as real people, living real lives, with children as noted in the Bible’s extensive genealogical record. Perfect for families or Christian education settings, The True Story of Adam and Eve provides a powerful perspective on a Biblical account so important it forms the very beginning and deepest foundation of God’s Holy Word.

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  • Dragons : Legends And Lore Of Dinosaurs


    An enigmatic source of fascination, dragons are the stuff of fantasy – or are they? Dragon legends can be found around the world – similar, compelling, and difficult to simply dismiss as baseless tales or mere lore.
    Re-visit history as you trace the tracks of these creatures throughout cultures in Asia, the Americas, and Europe, learning the facts, and revealing the fallacies of dragons – to discover the truth behind their lives and legacy. Whether battling saints or terrorizing medieval castles, these creatures provide a fascinating link to man’s earliest history, and a shadowy mystery – lingering just beyond the edges of our understanding, harkening back to latent fears, and a time when the world was filled with fantastic creatures now found only in the pages of ancient texts, and dreamed of within our imagination.

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  • True Story Of Noahs Ark


    Exquisite illustrations highlight this story of Noah’s ark, which should appeal to adults as well as children. The story tells a great deal about the people and culture of Noah’s time. This civilization was much more advanced than most people think. Follow Noah from the time he received the command to build the ark (which looks different than what people have been led to believe) until he and his family and the animals disembark to a new world.

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