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  • Complete Book Of Whos Who In The Bible

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    This is your ultimate resource for learning about the people of the Bible. It’s perfect for studaying God’s word, preparing a lesson for your small group, and answering questions about people listed in the Bible.

    This popular reference book includes all the people in the Bible arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference, quick takes on prominent people in the Bible that give information on their strengths, weaknesses, and lessons from their lives.

    Get information and background that answers questions such as: Where does Barnabas first appear in the Bible? Who is Ezekiel’s father? and Who is Belteshazzar, and how did God use him?

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  • Gleanings From Paul

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    From the moment of his conversion Paul was a man of prayer. His many prayers scattered throughout his letters are among the richest sources in all of Scripture for getting a practical insight into the subject matter of God-honouring prayer. Pink’s detailed study captures the essence of the apostle’s concern for the congregations on whose behalf he consistenly prayed. However, Gleanings from Paul is much more than a mere study of Paul’s prayers. Pink’s insights help to gain a more rounded understanding of the apostle himself, the God he served, and the churches with which he worked.

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  • Paul Apostle Of Gods Glory In Christ (Student/Study Guide)

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    In this paper edition Thomas R. Schreiner gives us a sound and insightful exposition and assessment of Paul’s theology that is well-geared to the needs of seminary students and working pastors.

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  • Saint Paul The Traveler And Roman Citizen (Revised)

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    Hailed by Christian History magazine as a classic from a previous era that still gives insight, William Ramsay’s St. Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen takes on a brilliant new luster in this full-color updated, illustrated edition.

    Editor Mark Wilson has completed the original text by including additional material published at a later date by Ramsay, covering the life of Paul at his conversion and in Palestine prior to his missionary travels. This definitive edition will serve as a study tool for anyone interested in the history and geography of Paul’s first-century travels.
    * Lavishly illustrated with more than one hundred color photographs
    * More than twenty maps and charts
    * Exhaustive indexes of persons, Bible texts cited, subjects, and places
    * Fifteen helpful sidebar commentaries by the editor
    * Complete list of photographs, charts, and maps
    * Transliterated texts for the non-Greek reader

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