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  • Restoring Sexual Identity

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    1. Three Stories
    2. Where Does Same-Sex Attraction Come From?
    3. Classic Development Of Lesbian Attraction
    4. Healthy Female Gender Development
    5. Establishing A Support System
    6. Healing From Abuse
    7. Overcoming Temptation
    8. Healthy Female Friendships
    9. Men: Friendships, Singleness, And Marriage
    10. Parenthood And The Ex-Gay Woman
    267 Pages

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    Can a lesbian change? Yes says author Anne Paulk, who left her lesbian lifestyle twenty years ago as she responded to Christ’s invitation to an abundant life.

    Very early, I felt the tug of sexual attraction toward some members of my gender. I remember being both confused and excited by these feelings. After many years of having been attracted to other women, I embraced a lesbian identity and lifestyle. Later, after an encounter with God, I began my journey out of homosexuality. . .

    Restoring Sexual Identity offers answers to the difficult and often wrenching questions asked by both women desiring change and by friends and relatives of women struggling with same sex attraction.
    * Is lesbianism a genetic predisposition or is it developed during childhood?
    * Does becoming a Christian immediately eliminate all desire for members of the same sex?
    * Can a woman be a lesbian and a Christian at the same time?
    * How does childhood sexual abuse relate to the development of lesbianism?
    * What support is available for women who struggle with lesbianism?

    For every woman sexually attracted to other women, here’s another choice.

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