Silent Noisy Night


It may have been a silent night
when Jesus came to earth. OR…
It may have been a NOISY night
to celebrate His birth.

The night Jesus was born is frequently referred to as a silent night. But how could it possibly have been silent if Jesus was born in a manger, with cows and sheep and donkeys and probably chickens and mice and birds all celebrating His birth? How could these creatures keep quiet?

The Silent Noisy Night takes on a new twist to the Christmas story by exploring what the night may have been like if all the creatures and people celebrated the birth of Jesus in their own God-given, special ways. With cows mooing and donkeys braying, it may have been a very noisy night.

This B& H Kids book includes a Parent Connection, an easy tool to help moms and dads (or anyone else who loves kids) discuss the book’s message with their child. We’re all about connecting parents and kids to each other and to God’s Word.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781535923736
Jill Lord | Illustrator: Kelly Breemer
Binding: Boards
Published: 2018
Publisher: B and H Publishing Group

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Dimensions8.3 × 0.9 × 8.3 in


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