Roman Catholic Controversy (Reprinted)


1. I Can’t Believe He Did That
2. Cutting Through The Fog
3. The Essential Issue: The Gospel Of Peace
4. Who Defines The Gospel?
5. Sola Scriptura: God Speaks Clearly
6. The Thousand Traditions
7. Sola Scriptura Vs. Sacred Tradition
8. The Claims Of The Papacy
9. Justified Before God: Rome’s View
10. Justified Before God: By Grace Through Faith Alone
11. What Of The Mass?
12. The Divine Waiting Room
13. When Sola Scriptura Is Rejected
14. Sola Gratia

265 Pages

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More than any time in the past, Roman Catholic and evangelicals are working together.

They are standing shoulder to shoulder against social evils. They are joining across denominational boundaries in renewal movements. And many evangelicals are finding the history, tradition, and grandeur of the Roman Catholic Church appealing. This newfound rapport has caused many evangelical leaders and laypeople to question the age-old disagreements that have divided Protestants and Catholics: Aren’t we all saying the same thing in a different language?

The Roman Catholic Controversy is an absorbing look at current views of tradition and Scsripture, the Papacy, the Mass, Purgatory, indulgencies, and Marian doctrine. James White affirms that evangelicals and Catholics share common ground on some points. Yet there are crucial differences that remain regarding the Christian life-and the heart of he Gospel itself-that cannot be ignored.

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