Reformation : A History


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1. The Old Church, 1490-1517
Seeing Salvation In Church. The First Pillar: The Mass And Purgatory. Layfolk At Prayer. The Second Pillar: Papal Primacy. A Pillar Cracks: Politics And The Papacy. Church Versus Commonwealth?

2. Hopes And Fears, 1490-1517
Shifting Boundaries. The Iberian Exception. The Iberian Achievement: The Western Church Exported. New Possibilities: Paper And Printing. Humanism: A New World From Books. Putting Renewal Into Practice. Reform Or The Last Days? Erasmus: Hopes, Fulfilled, Fears Stilled?

3. New Heaven: New Earth, 1517-24
The Shadow Of Augustine. Luther: A Good Monk, 1483-1517. An Accidental Revolution, 1517-21. Whose Revolution? 1521-22. Evangelical Challenges: Zwingli And Radicalism, 1521-22. Zurich And Wittenberg, 1522-24. The Years Of Carnival, 1521-24

4. Wooing The Magistrate,1524-40
Europe’s Greatest Rebellion, 1524-25. Princely Churches Or Christian Separation, 1525-30. The Birth Of Protestantisms, 1529-33. Strassburg: New Rome Or New Jerusalem? Kings And Reformers, 1530-40. A New King David? Munster And It’s Aftermath

5. Reunion Deferred: Catholic And Protestant, 1530-60
A Southern Revival. Ignatius Loyola And The Early Jesuits. Hopes For A Deal: The 1541-42 Crisis. A Council At Trent: The First Session, 1545-49. Calvin In Geneva: The Reformed Answer To Munster . Calvin And The Eucharist: Protestant Divisions Confirmed. Reformed Protestantism: Alternatives To Calvin, 1540-60

6. Reunion Scorned, 1547-70
Crisis For The Habsburgs, 1547-55. 1555: An Emperor’s Exhaustion, A Pope’s Obsession. A Catholic Recovery: England, 1553-58. 1558-59: Turning Points For Dynasties. The Last Session Of The Council Of Trent, 1561-63. Protestants In Arms: France And The Low Countries, 1562-70


7. The New Europe Defined, 1569-72
Northern And Southern Religion. Tridentine Successes. The Catholic Defense Of Christendom, 1565-71. Militant Northern Protestants, 1569-72. The Massacre Of St. Bartholomew, 1572. Poland 1569-76: An Alternative Future? Protestantism And Providence

8. The North: Protestant Heartlands
Defining Lutheranism: Toward The Formula Of Concord. The Second Reformation In Germany. Baltic Religious Contests: Poland-Lithuania And Scandinavia . The Northern Netherlands: Protestant Victory. The Northern Netherlands: The Arminian Crisis . A Reform

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At a time when men and women were prepared to kill-and be killed-for their faith, the Reformation tore the Western world apart. Acclaimed as the definitive account of these epochal events, Diarmaid MacCulloch’s award-winning new history brilliantly re-creates the religious battles of priests, monarchs, scholars, and politicians-from the zealous Martin Luther to the radical Loyola, from the tortured Cranmer to the ambitious Philip II.

Drawing together the many strands of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, and ranging widely across Europe and the New World, MacCulloch reveals as never before how these dramatic upheavals affected everyday lives-overturning ideas of love, sex, death, and the supernatural, and shaping the modern age.

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