Other Side Of The Good News


In a time of Christian confusion and evangelical erosion, Jesus’ teaching about the destiny of the wicked needs to be emphasized. Is there a biblical doctrine of hell or are Christians free to hold a variety of viewpoints on this issue?

In this book Larry Dixon examines many of the current theories on hell and encourages the reader to take the Bible’s teaching on Hell as seriously as Jesus Christ did in order to tell people the Good News that we know so that they won’t spend eternity on The Other Side of the Good News.

Dixon looks at three alternative views to the traditional doctrine of hell, universalism, annihilationism and post-mortem conversion. In the last chapter he asks Does it make any difference what view Christians hold about the Other Side? and Can there be alternative positions within the church?

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Larry Dixon
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2003
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

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