Mission At Nuremberg


At the close of the European theater, with Hitler defeated and scores of American troops returning home to resume their lives, army chaplain Henry Gerecke received his most challenging assignment: he was sent to Nuremberg to minister to the twenty-one imprisoned Nazi leaders awaiting trial for crimes against humanity.

A crucial yet largely untold coda to the horrors of World War II, Mission at Nuremberg takes us deep inside the Nuremberg Palace of Justice, into the very cells of the accused and the courtroom where they answered to the world for their crimes. These Nazis had sat at the right hand of Adolf Hitler; Hermann Goering, Albert Speer, Wilhelm Keitel, Hans Frank, and Ernst Kaltenbrunner were the orchestrators, and in some cases the direct perpetrators, of the most methodical genocide in history.

As the drama leading to the court’s final judgments unfolds, Tim Townsend brings Henry Gerecke’s impossible moral quandary to life. What promises of salvation could he make-to evil itself?

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Tim Townsend
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Published: 2015
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