Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy


The inerrancy of the Bible–the belief that the Bible is without error–is often a contentious topic among mainstream Christianity.

Like other titles in the Counterpoints collection, this volume gives those interested in theology the tools they need to draw informed conclusions on debated issues by showcasing the range of positions in a way that helps readers understand the perspectives–especially where and why they diverge.

Each essay in Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy considers:

  • The present context, viability, and relevance for the contemporary evangelical Christian witness.
  • Whether and to what extent Scripture teaches its own inerrancy.
  • The position’s assumed or implied understandings of the nature of Scripture, God, and truth.
  • Three difficult biblical texts: one that concerns intra-canonical contradictions, one that raises questions of theological plurality, and one that concerns historical authenticity.

Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy serves not only as a single-volume resource for surveying the current debate, but also as a catalyst both for understanding and advancing the conversation further. Contributors include Al Mohler, Kevin Vanhoozer, Michael Bird, Peter Enns, and John Franke.

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