Eric Liddell : Something Greater Than Gold


1. Doing The Impossible
2. Going Home
3. A Rising Sports Star
4. Something Even More Important
5. Against All Odds
6. Local Hero
7. A Troubled Land
8. The Flying Scotsman
9. There Was Just One Problem
10. Together At Last
11. Li Mu Shi
12. More Coal
13. Across The Ocean
14. Enemies
15. The Courtyard Of The Happy Way
16. Uncle Eric
17. A Very Special Person

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As the race began, it had seemed obvious that Eric Liddell was overmatched. Now the crowd in the Olympic stadium hushed as this runner from Scotland refused to be passed. As Eric crossed the finish line, the crowd erupted in applause heard all over Paris. Eric Liddell had done the impossible. A new world record had been set !
Eric’s refusal earlier that week to run on Sunday in the Olympic 100-meter race had stunned the world. Now this incredible victory in the 400-meteer race further strengthened his belief in God’s promise,
He who honors Me, I will honor.
Years later, Eric Liddell would be tested far beyond mere physical ability as a missionary to China. His Character, perseverance, and endurance are a challenging example for all who would obey the call to bring the gospel to the nations.

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Janet Benge | Geoff Benge
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Christian Heroes – Then and Now # 6
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