Corrie Ten Boom


1. Judenhilfe !
2. A Very Modern Invention
3. The Prime Minister Is A Fool
4. Certain Guests
5. The Secret Room
6. The Window Washer
7. The Secret Was Safe
8. A Privileged Family
9. The Clocks At The Beje Are Safe
10. The Reading
11. The Word Struck Terror
12. Number 66730
13. Passed Inspection
14. Out From Under The Grip
15. Help, Hope, And Healing

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The harsh lights stung Corrie’s blackened eyes as she entered the Gestapo-controlled police station in Haarlem. How true her elderly father’s words had been that quiet evening before Hitler’s madness descended on Holland, Germany will invade Holland. We will lose. God help all those in Holland who do not call on His name .
Suddenly, Corrie’s ordered life was lost in the insanity of war. With bravery and compassion, her family and countless other Dutch citizens risked everything to extend God’s hand to those innocents marked for certain execution in a world gone mad.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781576581360
Janet Benge | Geoff Benge
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2002
Christian Heroes – Then and Now # 5
Publisher: YWAM Publishing

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